Light Soy Sauce
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Light Soy Sauce

Our light soy brings out the intensity of savoury flavours. Brush onto chicken wings or ribs before barbecueing. Splash onto a salad for an interesting twist.


Asian Coleslaw with Thai Chilli Prawn Skewers

King Prawn skewers with a crunchy Asian coleslaw with a hint of sweet thai chilli. Quick and easy, great for barbecues.


2 x 120g sachets Amoy sweet thai chilli stir fry sauce, 4 tsp Amoy light soy sauce, 4 spring onions (finely sliced), 2 medium carrots (grated), 2 small pakchoi (thinly sliced), 150g beansprouts, 2 tsp lime juice, 32 (approximately 300g) peeled raw kingprawns, 2 limes, each cut into 12 wedges, 1 tbsp vegetable oil, 8 x 25cm wooden skewers (soaked in water for 20 minutes).


  1. In a bowl mix together spring onions, carrots, pak choi, bean sprouts, Amoy light soy sauce, lime juice and one sachet of Amoy sweet thai chilli stir fry sauce.
  2. Meanwhile thread the prawns onto the skewers alternating with the lime wedges and brush with oil.
  3. Place over grey coals of a barbecue, turn often and brush with the remaining sachet of Amoy sauce until the prawns have turned pink and are thoroughly cooked.
  4. Serve the Asian coleslaw with the prawn skewers.
Amoy Light Soy sauce

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